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HALAL certified Made-in-Japan Beauty "B.C Force"

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Making use of Terahertz technology(1*),

B.C Force Series is a Made in Japan JHF Halal certified Skin care and Hair care series.

  • Oil-Free

  • Alcohol-Free

  • No Preservative/ Fragrance

  • Suitable for Sensitive skin

Evolved Next-Generation Skin Care Lotion

B.C Force Pure®︎ Skin Lotion

Approach skin by Terahertz technology(1*) to balance the skin condition. Contains Chondroitin that retains water and gives elasticity to the skin.

Raw materials derived from minerals, Contains no chemically synthesized ingredients


  • Moisturizes the skin and gives the skin

  • firmness and luster to condition the surface of the skin.

  • Prevents spots and freckles caused by sunburn.

  • Maintains the original health of the skin.

  • Prevents rough skin.

Next-Generation Scalp care

B.C Force Pure®︎ Hair Lady/ Men

Approach skin by Terahertz technology(1*) to back up the scalp care.

Normalize the scalp environment that damaged by chemicals.

In addition, it contains adenosine, which is the source of ATP, which is essential for hair growth. It leads to beautiful and powerful hair.

Raw materials derived from minerals, Contains no chemically synthesized ingredients


  • Gives firmness to hair.

  • Keeps the scalp and hair healthy.


B.C Force series has been introduced in Japan famous lady beauty magazine ANAN this year.

It also awarded its BEST BEAUTY AWARD in Poco'ce lady magazine in 2019.

It is also at the TV show (Japanese language only)


1* Terahertz technology

Terahertz refers to the electromagnetic waves with the frequency range between millimeter-wave and infrared, approximately from 300 GHz up to 10 THz. The THz spectrum, also known as the “Terahertz gap” is the last portion of the electromagnetic spectrum which has not been fully explored and exploited. Terahertz technology [1,2] is a fast-growing field with applications in biology and Medicine [3], medical imaging [4], material spectroscopy and sensing [5], security, monitoring and spectroscopy in pharmaceutical industry, and high-data-rate communications.

//Quoted from Springer


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