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Recolle - Omotenashi Selection Award

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

We are proud to announce that Recolle got the award of Omotenashi Selection 2019!

The idea of Recolle - Recollect the family has impressed the assessors.

All 3 products "Book", "House" and "Frame" are awarded.


This is a project to discover and deliver Japan's excellent products and services to Japan and other countries under the slogan “Omotenashi of the Japanese hospitality”. The purpose is to make the best use of the know-how, technology, and network of each member of the Executive Committee and participating companies and organizations, and to make people in Japan and overseas widely aware of the greatness of Japanese products and services. It aims to help strengthen sales capabilities for small and medium-sized enterprises and small businesses that are difficult to secure the necessary management resources as well as excellent targets that have already attracted attention from around the world.

■ A new way that you would feel peace to thinking of your beloved pet

"Recolle" is a mini urn that made for those who want to stay with your beloved pet who rested eternally. We all love them like our family member, but one day they will rest in peace. It is very sorrowful but unpreventable.

"What we could do if we still want to stay with them? Something that can place anywhere at home or memorable places ?"

From above thought, Skilled wood and jewellery artisan think together and created "Recolle".

Every piece is completely hand-made and made with all the heart and love. 

A shape that you would feel peace to have them by your side. Introducing the new way to miss them.


Omakase Japan Wholesale Platform is looking for wholesalers to bring this products to their country.

Please contact us for detail.


OMOTENASHI Selection 2019

● Organizer

OMOTENASHI NIPPON “OMOTENASHI Selection Executive Committee”

(Aoyama Shachu Co., Ltd./ENGAWA Co., Ltd./Sunny Side Up Co., Ltd./Hakuhodo Inc./Franchise Advantage Co., Ltd.)

● Gold Partner

Japan Post Co., Ltd. / ANA Trading Co., Ltd. / Nippon Express Co., Ltd.

● Partner

Asahi Shimbun Co., Ltd./Inagora Co., Ltd./SP Co., Ltd./Odakyu Department Store / KIZUNA Co., Ltd./Kintetsu Department Store Co., Ltd./J+B Design NEWYORK / ZipanGood Co., Ltd./Starmark Co., Ltd./Sogo Co., Ltd./Seibu Co., Ltd. Company Time Lab / Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store / Do House Co., Ltd. / Association of connecting Japan and the world / Japan Department Store Co., Ltd. / Hotel Okura Tokyo Co., Ltd. (as of December 2019)

● HP


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