On "Kitadaito Island" in Okinawa Prefecture, sedimentary coral changed from calcium (Ca) to magnesium (Mg) after 48 million years, and became dolomite with a ratio of Ca2: Mg1 which is ideal for the human body.

"Cal-Mag Alpinia zerumbet" is a mixture of dolomite, which is safe to eat, and Alpinia zerumbet powder, which is a polyphenol-containing plant in Okinawa.

"Cal-Mag Alpinia zerumbet" is useful for creating a healthy body.


■ Product: 34g ( 286mg x 120grains)

■ Carton: 120 units / per CTN

■ JAN: 4582357570253

Made in Japan

ASTALIVE Cal-Mag Alpinia zerumbet Bone health

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