Recommended for those who have difficulty climbing and descending stairs, those who are not good at standing and sitting, those who are already drinking glucosamine products, those who play sports, and those who always want to be youthful and powerful.


Locomost has only 3 pins to get the amount of proteoglycan needed per day.


Aomori PG Promotion Council certified product

Aomori PG is a technology developed by Hirosaki University that extracts proteoglycan into salmon nasal cartilage. Contains proteoglycan, a new ingredient that is Aomori PG.


■ Product: 22.5g ( 250mg x 90grains)

■ Carton: 60 box / per CTN

■ JAN: 4562453840115

Made in Japan

ASTALIVE Locomost 90 grains

  • Suggested Retail Price within Japan: 4,378Yen/box

    Omakase Price: 2,650Yen/box (61%)

    Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 100 boxes

    *Price negotiable based on the order quantity.



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