You can get 100mg of reduced coenzam Q10 with 2 tablets a day.Since it is a reduced form that exists in the body, there is no loss, and the effect of Coenzyme Q10 is 100%.


Coenzyme Q10 is made from yeast instead of chemical synthesis, and raw materials produced in Japan are used.


With bioperine, the absorption rate into the body is increased by about 30% compared to the original coenzyme Q10. Bioperine is an extract extracted from black pepper.


Contains soy lecithin.Recommended for those who need smooth habits, memory and concentration, those who do not want to lose their age.


■ Product: 24g ( 250mg x 60grains)

■ Carton: 60 units / per CTN

■ JAN: 4562453840184

Made in Japan

ASTALIVE Reduced type CoQ10

Minimum Lot
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