■5ml x 5 bottles


Contains a high concentration of rare human neural stem cells.
Approach from the surface of the skin to the back of the skin, realizing rejuvenation of wonder.
The best anti-aging serum for awakening the power lost with aging.
Slowly but surely feel the sensation of your skin being rewound.


Awakening the skin's natural power from aging care just to give, from cell level to skin repair! !
Rejuvenation of wonder with neural stem cell culture medium x fat stem cell culture medium CELL SERUM!
Contains 15% rare human neural stem cells and 15% human-derived adipose stem cells, both at a high concentration of 30%!
Double formulation for approaching the skin as well as the skin surface.
It is also the highest anti-aging serum that contains many growth factors such as KGF, EGF, IGF, NGF, and TGF, activates cells, reinvigorates the power lost with aging, and promotes skin regeneration.
Please feel that the skin is surely rewound.


<Characteristics of CELL SERUM>
* Human adipose stem cells: epidermal repair effect
* Human neural stem cells: deep skin repair and whitening effect
* 5 Free: Synthetic colorants, fragrances, petroleum raw materials, preservatives, antioxidants
* Fullerene formulation: Nobel Prize-winning antioxidant king
* Latest penetration CDS: Applying the latest technology CDS (cosmetic delivery system)
* Manufacturing factory: safe, secure and high quality. Manufactured in Japan's highest standard factory



<How to use>

Estimated amount to be used: 1 to 2 drops with a spoid then take regular skin care. Excellent compatibility with home care machines as well.

CELLSERUM rich whitening serum

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