It is a massage beauty instrument that removes oil and wastes in the blocked pores. Made from natural volcanic stone material, it is excellent for absorbing oil and waste. If you roll the volcanic stone ball with your makeup, your skin will be smooth. Remove makeup with cleansing cream and roll the volcanic stone with oil waste is removed. Facial massage helps to relieve facial swelling and elasticity.


■ Product: (volcanic stone) 2.5 cm

■ Package: 14 X 19.8 X 4 cm​, 30g

■ Material: natural volcanic stone

■ Band: HARUEN

JAN: 8809417820131 Metalic Rose Gold

JAN: 8809417820155 Metalic Champagne Gold

JAN: 8809417820148 Metalic Glossy

JAN: 8809417820179 Matte Black

JAN: 8809417820186 Matte White

Haruen Mini oil waste remover

  • Suggested Retail Price within Japan: 1,650Yen/pcs

    Omakase Price: 850Yen/pcs (52%)

    Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 20 pcs any color



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+81 80-8723-0193




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