It is an extension buckle specification that is convenient for reducing ear pain that occurs when worn for a long time and adjusting the length of the strap.

The size can be adjusted in 2 steps, so even children can use it.


■ Brand: Ojaga Design

■ Product no:BG-S04-001

■ color:mix

■ size:

【Bag body】 H21.5× W14 × D12cm

【Bag handle】1 pair 2 pcs 20cm / 1 pc 39cm

■ Made in JAPAN

■ Hand-made

Ojaga Design ISONOE mini bag - Gray

Minimum Lot
  • Suggested Retail Price within Japan: 30,800Yen/unit

    Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 10 units same porduct any color

    *Extra Delivery fee 800 yen occured if the total order amount for OJAGA DESIGN series less than 23,000Yen.

    Please select "offline payment" to leave us a message if your order consists of multiple colours

    Please select "offline payment" to leave us a message if you would like to place an order of less than 10 units

    Wholesale price will only applicable to an total order amount that over 10 units of same product.



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