Recommended for people who want to maintain the health of their knee joints and keep their brain function normal.


The body absorption rate of krill oil is more than twice as high as that of fish oil.

Omega 3 oil extracted from "Antarctic krill"

Ascidians have a high level of plasmalogen content, EPA and DHA.


How to eat

Take 2 capsules daily with water or hot water.


■ Product: 240 teblets ( 120 tablets x 2 ), 378g (189g x 2 )

■ Carton: 12 units, 380×265×155mm:5200g

■ Made in Japan

Nishikawaya Sea squirt & Krill oil set

Minimum Lot
  • Suggested Retail Price within Japan: 26,000 Yen/unit

    Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 12 units

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