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What are puerperal shorts?

You may have heard of the term puerperal shorts for the first time, so let me explain it briefly. Puerperal shorts are shorts that can be easily opened and closed with Velcro and used after childbirth. For a while after giving birth, there is a bleeding from the womb called evil dew (Oro), and a birth pat (napkin) is used. It is easy to think that general sanitary shorts will be all right, but the postpartum shorts are very useful because putting on and taking off the body is painful.


Body-friendly convenient shorts after giving birth

Before giving birth, it is difficult to imagine the body after giving birth, but just after giving birth, I cannot move as expected. The puerperal shorts are indispensable, as the shorts are very hard to lift. It is very convenient because you can easily change the birth pad while wearing it. Puerperal shorts are a necessary item at the time of admission, so be sure to prepare and remember before hospitalization.


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3 pieces of simple design!

This set of 3 puerperal shorts is available in solid, border, dot and monotone designs. It is recommended that you do not get tired because it is simple.


Skin-friendly cotton material!

Immediately after giving birth, you may not be in good shape, so you don't want to feel stressed by wearing something like underwear. But in this case, the body fabric is 100% cotton, so it feels good and comfortable to wear.


Wide range of waterproof fabric!

Immediately after giving birth, when you go to bed, you are worried about leaks. However, since it has a waterproof cloth that covers a wide area from the crotch to the waist, it is safe to prevent leaks.


The circular crotch does not hurt the skin!

The puerperal shorts have a double crotch structure, so if the corners are sharp, you may feel uncomfortable with peaches. But this is a round crotch with no corners, so don't worry.


Commitment structure though reasonable!

Reasonable products are where quality is a bit of a concern. However, while these three-piece set is affordable, it has a firm commitment to waterproofing and crotch, so you can wear it satisfactorily.


■Size:M-L (Hip: 85-103cm)


Body cloth:100% cotton

Lace part:nylon, polyurethane

Back gusset part:100% polyester (waterproof cloth)

■Made in Japan

Rosemadame Maternity Panties 3 Packs

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    Omakase Price: 1,600Yen/pack (92%)

    Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 1 pack

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