Moisturizes the skin and gives the skin firmness and gloss to condition the surface of the skin. Prevents spots and freckles caused by sunburn. Maintains the original health of the skin. Prevents rough skin.

■How to use

After washing your face, holding the B.C.FORCE PURE bottle spray 30cm away from your face, spray 5 pumps.
Use it if the skin on your face is feeling dry.

■ Product: 120ml

■ Qty in Carton: 54 units

■ Mineral-derived raw materials and chemically synthesized raw materials are not included

■ Made in Japan

■ This product has been HALAL-certified

Terahertz Technology B.C.Force Pure®︎ Skin Toner

Minimum Lot
  • Suggested Retail Price within Japan: 8,030Yen/unit

    Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 54 units

    Domestic delivery cost to be advised as per order carton quantity.



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