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Shipment arrangement during Golden week 2023

Thank you for your support to Omakase Japan Wholesale Platform.

Japan will have their Golden week long holiday during 3rd to 7th May.

Most of the companies including us will have a longer holiday than official one, included local transportation companies, 28th Apr to 7th May this year.

Staffs will be working rotately and limited service will be provided.

The orders we received during 28th Apr might only be able to reach the supplier after the long holiday.

Supplier's holiday is varied so please check with us before placing the order if it is urgent.

Payment received after 20th Apr will be likely shipped from our warehouse after the Golden week holiday.

Thank you for your supports.


Please notice that we have changed our office number to +81 53 582 8200. Whatsapp Business number has been renewed as well.

Omakase Japan Wholesale Platform Staff

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