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How to Order

Please Note: Minimum Order Amount is Over 25,000 JPY


Add the products into the cart to get the proforma invoice

The price shown on the website are all in Wholesale Price.

You can simply add the products into the cart and check out your order by choosing your country and the shipping method.


Receive the proforma invoice via email in 1 business day

Please note for order weight over 30kg, the shipping price is inaccurate. We will calculate the correct amount and inform you the final price. We will send you the proforma invoice as soon as we can, which usually 1 business day.


Process for Payment

Please note we charge 3% extra handling fee for Paypal/Credit card payment. It is recommended to pay by (Bank transfer). For T/T bank transfer, Buyer is required to bear both side of bank charges. 


Waiting for shipment

Your order will be processed upon payment and it usually takes 7 business days to have your order ready at our warehouse. It is to assure that we always provide the latest available products to our customers.

For over 3 cases(cartons) per one product(SKU), it might take more than 7 business days. Please check with us if you have any concerns on the delivery. 

Please Note

We can handle products that are not listed on our website, but it will take some time. Please contact us via Whatsapp or Email.

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