Those who want to get into a smooth habit,

Those who are concerned about the value of liver function,

Those who like greasy things, those who like alcohol,

Recommended for those who are not good at natto


With the Japan Nattokinase Association mark.

It is possible to take 2000FU of nattokinase by just taking 2 tablets daily.This is equivalent to the recommended daily intake recommended by the Japan Nattokinase Association, and is considered to be optimal for the human body.


Apply coating

it is coated to prevent nattokinase, which is absorbed in the intestine, from being digested in the stomach, and it is possible to promote more efficient absorption of nattokinase.

Even those who are not good at natto can take nattokinase efficiently!

The unique odor and taste of natto are eliminated by the grain type.


NO Vitamin K2

Although natto contains vitamin K2, "Asterive natto source nattokinase" removes vitamin K2, so it is possible for those who are instructed by doctors to refrain from taking natto.


■ Product: 12g ( 200mg x 60grains)

■ Carton: 60 units / per CTN

■ JAN: 4562453840122

Made in Japan

ASTALIVE Nattokinase

Minimum Lot
  • Suggested Retail Price within Japan: 4,378Yen/unit

    Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 100 units

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    *Price negotiable based on the order quantity.



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