It provides intensive care for the darkening of armpits that you did not know how to care for. Apply before going to bed at night to turn the melanin-pigmented armpits due to friction into white and beautiful armpits.

With double care of whitening and moisturizing, the whitening and moisturizing ingredients applied to the armpit while sleeping slowly permeate.

There is no sense of discomfort when sleeping with a smooth and non-greasy feel.

A refreshing lavender and bergamot scent that is easy to use even before bedtime


■ How to use

Take 30 grams and apply to clean skin. After applying, sleep as it is without rinsing.


■ Product: 30g

■ Package Dimensions : 159×82×58mm

■ JAN: 4533213678347

Made in Japan

Himecoto Shiro waki Hime Armpit Night Pack 30g

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