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Japan Skincare is way up ahead in the international market. And the varieties they are providing are phenomenal. Japanese skincare brands have introduced us to many different ranges from organic to chemical, from sensitive to dry skin. And no wonder that Halal or vegan comes up on the list too. Mostly our Muslim and vegan community needs a far search for halal or vegan skincare or makeup products. But no more search for Halal skincare products, Japan brings you these products within your reach.

With this blog, hope to give the best ideas about these Japanese brands.

1) BC Force-

First of all, BC Force's motto is to provide high-quality and halal skincare products. This brand contains a unique formula that terahertz technology. Which helps you to achieve your skin balanced natural PH.So you can have healthy and youthful skin. In addition, it contains chondroitin, an ingredient that retains moisture and gives elasticity to the skin. All this while maintaining it Halal and vegan all the way.

Price - (¥4,000 to ¥5,500)

2.Royal Cosmetics-

Royal cosmetics has a quite unique core ingredient for their products, which is Gold leaf. From cleanser to moisturizer all get the best benefits from gold extract for delicate skin. Gold is known to be used from Ancient times its benefits include reducing fine lines, anti-inflammation, helps lighten the skin. A luxury line to give you luxurious skincare.

Price- (¥5,000¥ to ¥16,000)

3.Eclavia -

Eclavia is also a halal certificate holder for their Halal and vegan products. The formula that is used is very effective, helps the skin to maintain its natural beauty. Their pre-skincare serum is very popular and only used natural ingredients such as Somei Yoshino Cherry Tree Leaf Extract, Soymilk Ferment Filtrate, Rice Bran Extract, Tea Polyphenol. Which of course gives full benefits to the skin and keeps it healthy and glowy.

Price- (¥3,000¥ to ¥11,000)

4.Number Three Hue Care-

Hue Care is also quite a catch if you are looking for all mineral haircare products. They also claim to help with your hair health as they use 100% natural ingredients. They have the best shampoo. And varieties of hair color to try, which are delicate to hair and scalp.

Don't need to set limited to only skincare, Halal haircare is also in the reach of our hand.

Price- ( ¥2,000 - ¥5,000)


Momotani is a Certified Halal Skincare Brand. Used only natural and best products - Rosemary, Kakadu plum, peppermint extract. Which your skin will love. Momotani products have long-range from soothing to refreshing lotion and it has the best effectiveness with daily uses.

Price- ( ¥2,000 - ¥5,000 )

When it comes to Halal Japanese skincare products, it ensures you the quality and effectiveness all the way. Halal certification means it is within Muslim law and also that it maintains cleanness, natural ingredients, and quality. All brands in the suggestions here are amazing and promising. Now you can have the skin routine you always wanted without any hassles.

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