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Revision of EMS and International Parcel Rates and Addition of Tentative Extra Charges

In response to the sharp increase in oversea delivery costs, Japan Post has announced an increase of postal rate effective June 1st 2022. The shipping fee for all services Sea, Air and EMS will increase and tentative extra charges will be added for Air and EMS shipping.

For example,

Sending 20kg of parcel to Europe by air was 27150JPY, but it will be 29200JPY + tentative extra charge 10000JPY = JPY from June 2022.

Please see the New shipping rate table provided by Japan Post for the details.

Sorry for the inconvenience and we would very much appreciate your understanding.

We just pray for the world peace and the world transportation system will be back to normal operation.


Japan Post still not have resumed Air shipping service to some of the countries due to the influence of Ukraine crisis. We will continue using DHL for Air shipping to the countries to which Japan Post does not air service. Please note that DHL can not ship any products with alcohol contents. If you would like to use DHL, please ask send us a list of items you would like to purchase before making your payment.

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