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Shipment arrangement during Golden week 2020

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Thank you for your support to Omakase Japan Wholesale Platform.

Japan will have their Golden week long holiday during 2nd to 6th May.

Most of the companies will have a longer holiday than official one, included local transportation companies. Usually it will be 28th Apr to 6th May this year.

The orders we received during 28th Apr might only be able to reach the supplier after the long holiday.

Supplier's holiday is varied so please check with us before placing the order if it is urgent.

On the other side,

International courier companies will also stop their service.

Please check below for your reference.


Please notice that due to COVID-19, the service of Japan post office has been kept changing.

No more EMS service is available to USA since 24th Apr until further notice.

Fedex, DHL and other international courier companies also ask for Emergency Surcharge because of the extra cost of charter flight.

Your understanding of sudden changes during this hard time will be appreciated.

We keep our fingers crossed that the world will get well soon.

Omakase Japan Wholesale Platform Staff

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