Charcoal has a detoxifying effect that adsorbs toxins, excess oil, and unnecessary substances in the intestines and discharges them as stool.


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[Bamboo Charcoal]

It is a plant familiar to Japanese people, and has the effect of adsorbing toxins, excess oil, and unnecessary substances in the intestines and discharging them as stool.


[Palm shell]

A coconut shell activated carbon that is extremely excellent in the purification field, has a large number of micropores, and has improved adsorption performance.



The world's only high-purity crystalline oligosaccharide from Hokkaido.



Almost tasteless and odorless pure powdered dietary fiber made by a new method of making inulin from sugar.


[How to use]

Mix the contents of one packet with 500 ml of water or tea and drink.

It can also be used for coffee, alcohol, vegetable juice, cooking, etc.

* If you put it in carbonic acid, it will combine with carbon and the carbonic acid will disappear immediately, so please do not put it in carbonic acid.


[Product name]

Active charcoal water powder (health supplement)


[Raw material name]

Bamboo charcoal powder (domestic), coconut shell activated carbon powder, yinling, raffinose


■ Product: 0.6g / 2 sticks

■ Best Before Date: 3 years from the manufacture date

■ Made in Japan

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Activated Charcoal Water Powder

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