Contains "Sericin", a notable ingredient with 18 kinds of amino acidsThe remarkable ingredient "sericin" contained in silk made by silk moth has been discarded in the process of producing the beautiful luster of silk.However, recent findings have reassessed its value.Sericin contains 18 kinds of amino acids, so it keeps the stratum corneum hydrated andIn addition to maintaining a moisturized feeling, it also brings shine to the skin.


Three types of support ingredients that lead to radiant and clear skin

[Moisturizing] Sericin, tocopherol, VC ethyl (3-O-ethylascorbic acid)
[Gloss] Damask rose flower extract, pomegranate extract


■ Volume: 30ml

■ Made in Japan

JAN: 4560413152179

AXXZIA Beauty Force Prime Serum A1

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