Contains honey (moisturizing ingredient) in addition to the moisturizing ingredient "Kumazasa extract".

We wash skin smoothly while keeping skin clean and moist.

Refresh with a refreshing feeling with the scent of lavender.


Sasabiyori uses no mineral oil raw materials, synthetic colorants, preservatives and other unnecessary items. Made of carefully selected natural moisturizing ingredients.


Kumazasa extract with high moisture retention Only Kumazasa (wild type) grown in the wilderness of Hokkaido is collected for a limited time during the summer and extracted with water only. The extract thus extracted is rich in polyphenols and polysaccharides, has excellent moisture retention, and has the effect of preventing rough skin. You can wash your skin clean and smooth while keeping moisture.


Mineral-rich water from Lake Shikotsu, Hokkaido The water that determines the quality of soap is water that has been filtered by a natural filter from Hokkaido over many years. It doesn't use anything extra, and it takes a long time to extract it with just the same clean water as the environment where Kumazasa grew up, so it has excellent moisturizing properties. In addition, foams containing high-quality polysaccharides have strong stiffness, and are excellent in foaming and keeping power.


Honey for skin smoothing Honey contains honey, which is a component of beehive, and is widely used in cosmetics as an optimal oil and fat substitute. It works very well with Kumazasa leaf extract and leads to a skin that is both "moist" and "smooth".


■Product weight: 70g 

■Product size: H27mm × W72mm × D72mm

■Environmental considerations: Uses natural Kumazasa, which is Hokkaido biomass.

■Safety considerations / RIPT test completed. Compliant with MHLW cosmetics safety guidelines

■Made in Japan


Japan's North brand certification point

This product containing Kumazasa extract made by a patented method is evaluated as branding rooted in Hokkaido as "Chitose brand".


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