■Brand Name: Recolle

■Product Name: HOUSE pet urn

■Size: W80mm×H102mm×D90mm

■Net Weight: est.340g


Main: Walnut/Oak/Maple/Japanese Cherry wood

Motifs and Box Cover: Brass

■Leadtime: Depend on stock availability

All Hand-Made in Japan


Production Description Quoted from Recolle

"HOUSE" is an urn for pet. Ashes and memorable goods can put inside.

The house shape implies we protect him/her like living in a house.

The motifs also implies our wish that he/she can be rest in peace in heaven.


Pet Urn in HOUSE shape Hand-made

Wood Type
Brass motifs
Minimum Lot
  • Suggested Retail Price within Japan: 46,200Yen

    Wholesale price: 34,650Yen ( need to verify as business account )

  • About wood
    Because of using natural wood, it is characterized by different grain and color. Please note that grain and color can not be selected. Also, solid wood is used. There is a possibility of contraction and expansion. Avoid excessive dryness, moisture, direct sunlight and fire. (Please do not let the wind of air conditioner and humidifier direclt blow to the subject) Stay away from wet or hot sudject to avoid stains. Please wipe it off as soon as possible if it gets wet. The usual care is to use a light broom to keep it gloss. Do not use damp cloth to clean. From time to time, applying wax for furniture will keep it in good condition.

    About brass
    The brass is made without paint-finishing so that you can enjoy the years of changes. Please enjoy the change of the color tone and the unique texture of the body from years to years. If you are concerned about hand marks or dark spots, you can restore the original brightness by polishing with a commercially available metal abrasive or polishing cloth. Abrasives will scrape the surface, please use it slightly without force.



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