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5 reasons why Japanese companies don't ship overseas

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

For those who love Japanese culture,

It is very common to face the problem that you cannot get what you want easily from Japanese companies overseas.

You’ve sent several emails asking for purchasing their goods and sometimes even sent in Japanese by Google Translate.

You do not get any response.

Here’s the 5 reasons why you don’t get reply from Japanese companies

【1】Companies do not ship overseas

Japanese do not get used with new thing without instruction. If their companies did not set a manual book/rules for foreigner inquiries in prior, they will simply ignore the emails. There is high chance that you won’t get feedback forever.

【2】Lack of knowledge on international shipping

Shipping goods to overseas is a unknown criteria to them.

“What is EMS?”

“How should I write the invoice in English?”

“Post office is asking me a lot of questions”

Sometimes, the goods was not accepted in certain countries and it sent back to Japan.

Companies do not know how to communicate well with overseas buyers for refund.

【3】Payments never come

Some of the companies did try to accept overseas order. However, due to their current POS, they could only accept Credit card issued in Japan and/or bank transfer within Japan. Oversea buyers failed to do the payment unwillingly. At the end of the day, it is too complicated for them to deal with international orders.

【4】Too expensive to hire English-speaking staff

Small companies could not afford to hire English-speaking staff. Hiring a staff who is capable to communicate well with overseas buyers and handling the delivery documents is NOT cheap/easy in Japan. It is because of the Education method in schools. Highly educated students will choose to be hired in big companies.

【5】Leave it to Trading companies

They understand that selling overseas can probably boost their sales but “it is not my job”. They will leave it to trading companies like which is hassle-free and the cost performance would be better than hire a English-speaking staff.

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