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For Shoppers and Consumers - Introducing our affiliate partner

We would like to introduce our affiliate partner company "DOCODEMO".

DOCODEMO is an online retail shopping mall selling Japanese product to countries outside Japan.

We have listed the strong points of both Omakase and DOCODEMO so you can easily understand the difference between the two in the hope to help you choose where to shop from depending on the situation or need or your customer. By tying up with DOCODEMO we hope to be able to respond to your needs much more in detail. Visit their site and see what they can provide you.

Omakase Japan Wholesale

Order Limitation per product

No Limitation

Usually within 1~5 quantity per item

Minimum Order Requirement

Order of over ¥25,000 and usually 10 units per each.

You can customize to lower quantity of some SKU as low as 3 each but the price might be higher in some cases

You can buy from one piece.

Upper purchase price limit is 200,000JPY per shop per order


Wholesale price. Discount base on the volume

Competitive retail price


Combined Shipping

We can combine all of your merchandizes into one parcel regardless of where we source them from.

Shipped from each shop

They don't offer combined shipping. Your merchandizes are shipped out from each shop and shipping fee occurs on shop-base.

Personal Sales Assistance

Instant response from Whatsapp and Chat from website

Not available

Sourcing for brands not listed on the website

Upon request, we can source any items as long as it is a Japanese brand

Not available

Exclusive distribution

We have a contract with some of the manufacturers who can guarantee to have the best prices. And we can negotiate the right of Exclusive distribution on behalf of your company to the brand you are interested

Not available

Shipping Document

Can be customized

Customize not available

Country of Origin Document

Available upon request

Not available

User-friendly System

Cannot auto-calculate the shipping cost for parcel weight over 10kg. (Working on system improvement)

As easy as like purchasing at Amazon

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