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Japan's 5 best places to visit in Autumn

'THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN' Japan is a beautiful country filled with mesmerizing natural to human-made sightseeing. This is why it is on every traveler's bucket list. Japan can give a lifetime travel experience, from beautiful traveling places to delicious Japanese food. And you might be thinking about what season will be best to travel in Japan. Well, this blog will guide you through Japan's travel time in Autumn. Why Autumn? This time of the year, when Japan starts to cool off from the summer's heat. And in this weather, the best places to visit in Japan come alive.

1. Lake Chuzenji (Chuzenjiko)

Lake Chuzenji is located right above the town called Nikko, it is a beautiful natural lake along with a walking trail. Great place to hike in Autumn with nature. the lake's and surroundings' beauty cannot be explained as it was created by the eruption of the volcano 20,000 years ago. Below the lake, Nikko town holds one of the beautiful waterfall of japan. This mesmerizing view is also possible from along the Chuzenjiko Skyline, an eight-kilometer long former toll road that can now be used free of charge. And Autumn is recommended season to visit to get the most out of this scenic site of Japan.

2. Mt.Fuji

The train trip from Tokyo to Osaka can take you to the best sightseeing Japan has to offer their tourist is Mt.Fuji. Instead of visiting the mountain itself, it is best to keep a little distance to keep the panoramic scene alive, and the best place to go is Fujigoko (The Fuji Five Lakes). And around there is lot's of other Japan's area to enjoy. From the museum to the amusement park. Autumn is the time to have great outdoor activities.

3. Festival Everywhere

It is Japan's late September religious festival, where they celebrate the Shinto god. ( the god of abundance harvest). Big and Small "Matsuri" is everywhere. Japanese will dance, play music with traditional instrument and Food stalls around that provide great fast food. These events will surely be in your mind for a long time.


Another best place to go Hiking is Kumano Kodo, it is an ancient trail to hike and also offers thermal hot spring baths. It is situated in the mountains of Wakayama (south of Kyoto). It is the best place to experience Japan's historical, rural side. The best time to visit is in September and October. And it is a place where you get peace and the best of Japan's nature which will give you a once in a lifetime experience.

5.Sumo sport

In September, the tourist gets a chance to experience this unique and authentic Japanese sport.

It is held at the famous Ryōgoku Kokugikan stadium in Tokyo. The tickets need to book in advance and as it is 15 days tournament, you will need tickets for each day. Each ornament starts on Sunday and also ends on Sunday. Sumo sport in Japan is very colorful with their banners, dress up. Something not to miss in the Autumn season in Japan. Though the Covid19 situation has restricted travel, Japan is and will always be a must-visit country, where you can experience the chaos of the city while also nature's peace. Both modern and rural, with rich culture and traditions to fill up your heart. Japan awaits you. #omakasejp #japan #travel #visitjapan #jtour #japantour #traveljapan #Mtfuji #travelagency #sightseeing #placestovisit #placestogo #Aftercovid19

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