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Eatable Vegetables Sheet - Vegheet

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Today we are going to introduce the story of how a Japanese bring food-waste into a business.

In Japan supermarket, they only sell vegetables which in good shape. That causes a lot of food waste in Japan.

Mr.Soda turns this as a opportunity and make this 0.1mm thick eatable dried vegetable sheet - "Vegheet".

This sheet ingredient is just vegetables and agar. Do not contain any artificial colouring nor additives.

Throughout more than 20 years investigation, finally it tastes just 100% the same as its original. Carrot sheet is sweet. Moreover, it's crispy like having snacks!

With the condensation, One sheet of Vegheet contains more nutrition than 100g of its original.

Taking Carrot as an example;

100g Carrot contains 0.6g Protein and 2.7g Dietary fiber while Vegheet's 6.7g and 43.5g.

No doubt it will be one of the best choice for vegetarian ;)