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What are the top goods to export from Japan

Updated: May 24, 2022

Japan is one of the best countries to export quality goods from. Thinking of exporting goods from Japan? Well, that is a good thought for Japan has a balance of $59.2 billion, with total annual exports of $713 billion exceeding imports of $653 billion. In lots of countries, Japan is the number 1# exporter. Now, more than ever Japan has a variety of best quality goods to export within a minimum budget. And in this article, we are going to see the top 4 goods to export from Japan.

# Japanese Cosmetics-

Japan is now holding a big place for Japanese cosmetics in the global market. Demand for Japanese skincare cosmetics rises every day worldwide. High-quality Japanese cosmetics that mostly are effective yet budget-friendly. Since 2012 Japan has seen a surge in Japanese cosmetics export, Soap, Moisturizer, and serum. But also have a big hold with makeup brands. Most of our neighboring countries also have Japanese cosmetics-based retail businesses that increase the Japanese cosmetics wholesale demand a lot. There are good online distributors as well as offline. But for the current Covid19 ongoing situation, ordering safely from home is a priority. Links to help you find trustable online wholesale platforms for Japanese cosmetics-



#Cars -

Exporting used cars from Japan is also very popular nowadays, as you can get the lowest price. But not only that, Japan's cars have right side steering-wheel, which holds another important point when you look to export cars from Japan. Mostly used cars are sold by Auto Auctions by car dealers or owners. Japan most cars are export to, Australia following other countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Germany. Most of the Japanese cars exporter sites are verified and trustable, though always being careful of fraud is a must. Here is a list of trustable sites-

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Internationally Japan's food is becoming very demanding. Scallops, seasoning, sauces, beef, mackerel, and Green tea are among the popular export food. While Hongkong is the top exporter, the US, South Korea, Taiwan, and China also have great export rates. There are various events such as Japan's food export fair, where you can get to meet the wholesale distributor or supplier directly and get sample food to check the quality. And mostly in this COVID19 issue, online wholesale platforms are much more reliable.

Here are some wholesale food platforms from Japan-



# Clothing and lifestyle-

Another most promising exporting category is clothing and lifestyle. Japanese brand clothes are very demanding. Japanese Fashion is a global trendsetter, so the clothing's styles and fashion are equal to the US or other countries which is much easier to export from Japan. Brands like UNIQLO, ASICS are very popular with worldwide franchises. Super quality with budget-friendly clothing lines like UNIQLO is over the top globally.

Liftstyle goods like MUJI also has its share globally of their decent products but a handful price.

"100Yen shop" which sell variety of lifestyle goods in 1$USD is also famous of its design.



When it comes to exporting goods, the best country to keep in mind is Japan. Japan is a promising country with a good and most export history. Japan will get you the best quality goods within your budget. From Cars to Food and Clothing Japan's export market has extended to online platforms, so you can take advantage of exploring all the exporting areas and goods without traveling anywhere.

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