Contains 20% sea salt certified by ECOCERT. When whipped, it is almost the same as the salt concentration in the body. It can be used safely even for people with sensitive skin with 0.9% sensitivity.


A face wash that draws out while moisturizing. The osmotic action of salt draws sweat from the sweat glands and sebum from the sebaceous glands while discharging waste products and dirt.


Contains pomegranate fruit extract. Antioxidant action and normalizes moisture in the skin to make the skin firm.


A unique manufacturing method that produces soap using only the ingredients. Soap made by vacuum-pressurizing only the material with a force of 90T is very hard and does not melt in the bathroom because it is made without applying water or heat.


No petroleum-based surfactants, alcohols, synthetic fragrances, coloring agents, foaming agents, or preservatives. 


Please use it as skin care for sensitive skin, dry skin and acne skin.


■ Materials

Soap base, sea salt, white fungus polysaccharide, pomegranate fruit extract, glycerin


■ How to use

Sphere Salt Soap Ena creates a meringue-like hard, dense foam.


1) Body wash

2) Face wash for daily

3) Try a foam pack on your face for 3-5 minutes for a deep cleaning


■ Product details : Salt soap / dedicated whipping net

■ Internal capacity : 60g

Sphere salt soap Eva 60g with dedicated whipping net

  • Suggested Retail Price within Japan: 3,260Yen/pc

    Omakase Price: 2,195Yen/pkg (70%)

    Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 1 pcs

    *Extra Delivery fee occured if the total order amount for Sphere series less than 22,000Yen.

    *Delivery fee 638yen up, depends on size and weight of the order.

    *Not available for Hong Kong Market directly from Japan (Contact us for Hong Kong Exclusive Distributor information)



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