Maca extract powder 20mg, Zinc 4mg, plus the daily requirement of Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B6, are contained in 2 tablets. Orange flavor chewable tablets like snacks.


Blended Maca extract powder with Zinc, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B6.

Recommended for those who want an energetic life, who want take Maca and Zinc.


■ Maca: Essential Amino acids such as Arginine and Lysine, and unsaturated Fatty acids such

 as Linoleic acid and α-linolenic acid are included. Helps for enhancement of vitality, concentration improvement, stress relief, menopausal disorder alleviation, recovery of energy, improvement of infertility, improvement of female hormone balance.


■ Zinc: It's an essential Mineral to produce various enzyme that govern the metabolism of Proteins constitute the body. It's involved in cell division at various sites. It plays an important role in cell metabolism and Collagen production for skin, including cells of the tongue and skin. In case of its deficiency, taste disorder, decline of reproductive function, rough skin, hair loss, etc. are caused.It's a nutritional supplement formulated with Zinc in accordance with the standards set bythe Country (Japan). ≪Nutrition function claims which can be indicated on labels (in Japan)≫ Zinc is necessary nutrient to maintain normal taste and helps to maintain healthy skinand mucous membranes. It is involved in the metabolism of protein and nucleic acidsand is helpful in maintaining health.


■ Vitamin B1: Functions to convert sugar into energy, keep the nervous system normal, etc. It's said that people who eat foods rich in carbohydrates alot or drink alcohol a lot tend to be lacking Vitamin B1.


■ Vitamin B6: Involved in the metabolism of Amino acid thus maintains healty skin and hair. It's necessary to promote the growth of the body including the skin.




■ Product: 150 Tablets for 75 days

■ Package weight: 197g

■ Carton size: 410 x 273 x 123mm

■ Qty in Carton: 24pcs / Ctn

■ Carton weight:  5.3 kg

■ Made in Japan



Supplement ZOO Series For Snacks Maca 150T

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    Omakase Price: 713Yen/pcs (54%)

    Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 1 Carton

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