Fabric Tapestry, which also known as "Tenugui", that used over 100 years history hand dye technique in Japan -   " Hamamatsu Chusen".

「Wantape」-  Wan(Dog in Japanese) and Tape(Tapestry) is a series of Dog in Japanese drawing. It is produced by Japanese illustrator with Japanese Tenugui Artisan who lives in Hamamatsu, Japan.

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For those dog-lovers, A Hand-dyed Dog Tapestry that can use as curtain or handkerchief.

"Hamamatsu Chusen" is well known as the technique for dyeing Yukata (casual summer Kimono).

Dyeing Artisan dye every piece by hand that create a unique color gradient for Dog-lovers.

The feature of "Hamamatsu Chusen" is its perfect reversible color dyeing. Simply take 2 pieces together with 1 side turn-over, it becomes a matching curtain. 

Certainly it will be one of the MUST-HAVE item for Dog-lovers.

Product Introduction


It is yarn-dyed so the handfeel is very soft

without any stiff like normal printing.

100% Cotton

【Made in Japan】

01 Gentle texture with warmth

02 Feel the Light and Wind

With its reversible feature, different usage can be applied.


Use adjustable stick to use as curtain

Matching 2 pieces by reserve one of them can be used as Curtain.

Light from window becomes colorful and Wind becomes visible.

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To greet your guest by putting at entrance 

Produced by Japanese Artisans


1. Carve the pattern

Specific Ise pattern paper made by Japanese artisan which usually use for Yuzen dyeing of causal summer Kimono is being used. Pattern is carved by hand.

2. Put glue on every piece

Every piece has to put on glue evenly to prevent unnecessary color dyeing. When one piece put on the glue, fold and continue to put on another one carefully.

3. Chusen Dyeing

Professional "chusen" dyeing artisan will put on dyestuff on the fabric directly by kettles. It request high technique to make perfect dyeing performance.

4. Drying

Benefit from River Tenryugawa clean and abundant water, as well as the strong wind from Enshu. Drying is totally natural.


Enjoy even 1 piece

Use Tapestry stick to hang it up like a Japanese way.

The features of Wantape 

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Use adjustable stick to use as curtain

Enjoy Matching in 2 pieces

Reversible with its beautiful dyeing.

Match with different breed or same breed with different colors ;)

Enjoy the gradient changes

This gradient changes technique named "Irobokashi" in Japanese. This soft gradient could only be made by Artisan hand.


Decorative anywhere