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100%Made in Japan - An Urn that can place in your life

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Recolle is a collaboration product of designers「Mitsuyoshi Kikuchi」&「Yuka Masuda」、wood artisan「Atsushi Ito」and conscience company「Kambara K.K」, aim to provide urn that put anywhere in a ease feeling.

Recolle wants to give emotional support to the pet owner. Somethings that can be integrated into your everyday life to miss your beloved pet in a comfort way.

Recolle provides three different urns - "BOOK"、"FRAME"、"HOUSE"。


Where there is visitor, you can choose to fold it up, and it becomes a elegant book. Or, you can bring it out, to the place where you used to spend happiness time with your 4 legs friends - "Recollect"again.

The hand-made brass mini urn, would like to let the remains back to nature and just keep a small part with you.

Retail price in Japan ¥32,400