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100%Made in Japan - An Urn that can place in your life

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Recolle is a collaboration product of designers「Mitsuyoshi Kikuchi」&「Yuka Masuda」、wood artisan「Atsushi Ito」and conscience company「Kambara K.K」, aim to provide urn that put anywhere in a ease feeling.

Recolle wants to give emotional support to the pet owner. Somethings that can be integrated into your everyday life to miss your beloved pet in a comfort way.

Recolle provides three different urns - "BOOK"、"FRAME"、"HOUSE"。


Where there is visitor, you can choose to fold it up, and it becomes a elegant book. Or, you can bring it out, to the place where you used to spend happiness time with your 4 legs friends - "Recollect"again.

The hand-made brass mini urn, would like to let the remains back to nature and just keep a small part with you.

Retail price in Japan ¥32,400


Japanese solid wood. With 4 different woods for choices.

Unlike the Plywood nor laminated wood, it is nature.

The Japanese artisan also provides fine finishing that make it look nice.

Can hook on the wall or place as a decoration, "Recollect" with him/her in part of your life.

Retail price in Japan ¥60,480


Japanese solid wood。With 4 different woods for choices。

And 3 different motifs that represent the symbol of praying as an accessory.

The house shape implies we protect him/her like living in a house.

The motifs also implies our wish that he/she can be rest in peace in heaven

Part of remains and memorable goods can put inside.

Retail price in Japan ¥45,360

Every detail is made diligently

Fake suede with fine finishing

The brass is made without paint-finishing so that you can enjoy the years of changes.

The 3 motifs implies the symbol of praying. Hand-made by Japanese Artisan.

Every piece is made by Japanese Artisan.

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