Designated Pet Urn that all hand-made in Japan

To recollect
                   your family

A new way that you would feel peace to thinking of your beloved pet

"Recolle" is a mini urn that made for those who want to stay with your beloved pet who rested eternally. We all love them like our family member, but one day they will rest in peace. It is very sorrowful but unpreventable.

"What we could do if we still want to stay with them? Something that can place anywhere at home or memorable places ?"

From above thought, Skilled wood and jewellery artisan think together and created "Recolle".

Every piece is completely hand-made and made with all the heart and love. 

A shape that you would feel peace to have them by your side. Introducing the new way to miss them.

Features of the Pet Urn

Natural materials and all hand-made by Japanese wood artisan

"Praying" motifs design by Jewelry artist and all hand-made

Displayable design for daily life

Registered Japanese Utility model No3221057