A delicious strawberry milk flavored growth support drink. Contains calcium, vitamin D that works with calcium, iron, omega-3 (n-3) fatty acid DHA, lactic acid bacteria, alpha-GPC, and arginine. Suitable for children of all ages as well as adults. 1 bag is for 20 days supply.


For growing children. Who are concerned about calcium deficiency.


■Calcium: It is often found in milk and dairy products and small fish. Calcium has a role in the formation of bones and teeth. Aside from the formation of bones and teeth, it also helps to prevent irritation because it allows the brain and nerves to work normally.


■Vitamin D: It is often found in fish. It helps in the absorption of calcium and makes the bones stronger.


■Iron: It is often found in meat and seafood, such as liver and clams. Iron is a nutrient that is required in the blood to make red blood cells, which are responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body. If it is deficient, the body's strength and immunity will be weakened.


■DHA: An omega-3 fatty acid that is often found in fish oil. Expected to improve memory and support eye health.


■alpah-GPC: A nutritional component that is universally present in living organisms and breast milk. Expected to improve learning ability and promote the secretion of growth hormones.


■Lactic Acid Bacteria: Lactobacillus crispatus KT-11 is used in this product. Lactic acid bacteria support your daily health.


■Arginine: A type of amino acid that constitutes protein and is an essential amino acid for children. Expected to promote the secretion of growth hormones and improve immune function.




■ Product: 200g

■ Package size: 160 x 184 x 50mm

■ Carton size: 515 x 283 x 280mm

■ Qty in Carton: 50pcs / Ctn

■ Carton weight:  6.9 kg

■ Made in Japan



OKKIKUNA-RE For Kids(Strawberry Milk Flavor) 200g

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